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Hi Aharon,

At this time of the year it is important to remember family and friends. have attached a picture of a gathering of the Toronto Rozyszcer from December 1961 With the help of Pearl Bell (Miller) and Eddie Erlich we had identified most of the people in the picture.
L'shana Tova

Wadey Michael Werb





Toronto Rozyszcer Gathering December 1961 


Back Row:
Sam Fishman, Rose Fishman, Aaron Shostack,Sol Miller, Mendel Shames, Mirel Shames, Mrs. Zelcer, Sonia Werb, Chaskiel (Charles) Werb, Jean Laiwent, ????,  Bill Laiwent


Mid Row:
Tsolie Jacobi, Yasha Ehrlich, Tamara Ehrilich, Chana Jacobi, Pnina Miller, Ben Miller, Goldie Fishman, Mendel Fishman, + ????

Bottom Row:
Ruth Shostack, DrMorris Zelcer, Sonia Miller, ???, Esther Diner, Ruth Saginur, Nathan Saginur, Faye Sukerman, Seymor Sukerman



July 13, 1965 Rozyszczer Israel with Mirel & Mendel Shames Toronto




 July 13, 1965 Rozyszczer Israel Mirel & Mendel Shames, Moshe Graboski

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