Interested in a Rozyszczer Toronto, Memorial Service


Dear Family and Friends of Rozyszce,

Pearl Bell and I were talking about getting together at the Rozyszcer Monument the Bathurst Lawn Cemetery for a memorial service. The Rozyszcer in Israel held a service on September 7, and we thought it would be appropriate to have our own in Toronto as it has been a very long time since one has taken place here.

Please let us know if you would be interested in attending on  Sunday October 19, 2014 or if you would prefer a gathering sometime next year -after Passover first Sunday in Mayor before high holidays

Also please free to forward this e-mail to other Rozyszcer that were left off our list or we have an old or incorrect e-mail.

Best wishes for a very healthy, happy,prosperous, joyous, fruitful and peaceful New Year!!!!!!!!!

Shana Tova

Wadey Michael Werb
Pearl Bell


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