Wadey Michael Werb - The Monument in Toronto

Hi Aharon

Thank you for keeping me updated on the Rozyazcer Committee in Israel.

I went to visit my parents grave site yesterday. My father Charles (Chaskel) Werb was born in Rozyszce - in the cemetery where my father (and a number of other Rozyszcer as well) there is a monument to the people of Rozyszcze, Luck and Kowel and vicinity murdered by the Nazis. It was erected in the Bathurst Lawn Memorial Park 10 Dewlane Drive, Toronto, Ontario Canada M2R 2P8 on 10th of Elul 1980.

I took a number of pictures yesterday showing the English, Hebrew and Yiddish inscriptions.

I did not see pictures on the Rozyszce web site - and thought it would be nice to add to the others as the inscription says "Tell Your Children"

I have some other pictures that I have scanned (now that I have a scanner that works) and will forward them to you as well Keep up the wonderful work

Best regards

Wadey Michael Werb

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