Annual Hanukkah party


The Honorable President of the Rozyscze Organization Committee – Mr. Moshe Garbarsky, invites all organization members and their families to the annual Hanukkah party that will take place this year on Thursday, the 28th of November 2013 – on the second Hanukkah candle – in the house of President Moshe Garbarsky at the following address:


HaNetsach Street, No 23, Ramat HaSharon.


Get-Together at 18:30 and Commencement Exercise at 19:00.

In the Program:

  • Candle-Lighting
  • Traditional Blessing over the Candles
  • Performance by an invited Artist
  • Hanukkah refreshments 

Attendees are encouraged to bring their children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren as well as all family members.


We’d appreciate it much were this invitation to be answered via mail and/or email with notification on the number of attendees expected.


We hope to see you all at this wonderful event, to strengthen the group and encourage mutual acquaintaining among the members and next-generation offspring.


See you all at the event,

Our Best Wishes for a Happy Hanukkah
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